Colonial: Europe’s Empires Overseas

Colonial is a multiplayer strategy game that takes place in the Age of Exploration. Players are exploring the world, setting up trading posts and establishing colonies, while they dispute the control over rare resources and collaborate for mutual benefit.

During the game, players choose simultaneously five out of six unique cards to later play in succession. All cards allow one of two actions, which players will decide on at the moment of their turn. The individual actions deal with (roughly):

– Improving navigation, shipbuilding, logistics, or economic prowess
– Exploring a territory
– Moving population
– Establishing a colony
– Creating a trade hub
– Shipping goods
– Taking a loan
– Selling goods
– Seeding native insurrection
– Spreading Christianity
– Diplomatic workings
– Waging war

You achieve victory through exploration, colonization, and war, but keeping your economy out of crippling debt is also of equal importance.

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