Call to Adventure is a tabletop game in which 2-4 players compete to craft the hero with the greatest destiny. Play cards to build your character, cast runes to face challenges, and choose whether to follow a path of heroism or villainy.

Call to Adventure was created by Chris and Johnny O’Neal, designers of the hit game Boss Monster. Our goal: design a game based on character-driven fantasy novels and RPGs. In Call to Adventure, facing a childhood rival or meeting your true love can be as important as slaying a dragon.

Latest News

A hero’s Journey in Half the Runtime

First things first. I’m in love with the concept of Call to Adventure. The premise given is that you take control of a talented youth – a gifted teenager with a dash of idealism, who’...


Flat dice? Yes please!

It’s not often that I get mesmerized by a Kickstarter campaign. If I were to analyze why that is, I could get to the conclusion rather quickly. Most projects that I had helped fund turned out to...

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