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    Could somone please help me locate Sergei Grigorievich Ulanovich?
    We corresponded a number of years ago and I would love to re-establich contact.
    Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


    Tim Sander

    It seems you are well aware of Mr. Sergei’s peculiar position of having two fathers. As far as I remember, Sergei left Zhytomyr last year in June to go visit his other possible parent’s birth village. He used to post updates of his bike trip on a dedicated blog page (http://ulanovichorbust.blogspot.com/) as you might know, but it seems he has deleted it after only seven weeks. The last post that I remember reading was of him encountering a very friendly group of squatters while hiking along the river Mokhovaya. He posted some beautiful pictures. I think this one is his best yet:

    He was also complaining about low connectivity and battery issues due to cold. I couldn’t tell you where he is now, but if you manage to hear from him, we would be very grateful if you would notify us. Sergei is a wonderful person and is also very dear to us. I personally would love to read of his exploits in the future.



    Tim, I hope you’re not suggesting that Scotty should go into the Russian wilds to find this man! As much as I enjoyed reading his blog, there is no reason to put oneself to risk over this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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