WizKids to release game based on The Orville

Wizkids partnered with The Orville

As part of the seemingly never-ending streak of partnering up with different company properties and franchises, WizKids has recently announced that they have obtained the rights, and are already developing a tabletop game based on the recent Netflix space adventure series, The Orville.

The Orville series follows the crew of an exploration starship of the same name, in a format that mimics the classic Star Trek formula, and which also copies the former’s adherence to a global, multicultural socialist utopia, at least visually. However, contrasting the modern “politically correct” themes found in the presently aired Star Trek Discovery, The Orville quickly became a black sheep among critics, but a fan favorite with the general audience at the same time, a scenario that is all too common these days.

WizKids is said to include the characters from the second season of The Orville, and that the game will feature the HeroClix miniatures system. The company’s president, Justin Ziran, seems to be especially happy with this endeavor, having stated the following in the formal press release:

We’re particularly excited to bring The Orville on board. Rather than treading a line between serious and playful, the series is both simultaneously, which is a quality you see reflected in most HeroClix games.

The Orville will join the WizKids family of space games, which also includes Star Trek: Attack Wing, Star Trek: Fleet Captains, and The Expanse Board Game.

WizKids has showcased some elements of their upcoming tabletop adaptation at the New York Toy Fair, earlier this month. No pictures managed to surface, and it seems that details on how they will be adapting the hallmarks of the series are still a mystery. Let’s just hope that they raise the bar on the component quality a bit this time.

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