Exploding Kittens crowdfund dexterity-based burrito card game

Throw Throw Burrito advert

Well now, the teamed duo that brought us Exploding Kittens are at it again. This time they designed a game with a bit more kinetic power, titled Throw Throw Burrito.┬áSometimes, innovation means picking up two existing concepts and knitting them together in unlikely ways. In this case, we have the schoolyard favorite past time, Dodgeball, with the silly art of Matthiew Inman, of the Oatmeal, adorning yet another deck of cards – eighty of them, to be exact.

During the game, players are standing (but not necessarily) around a table, playing cards, and trying to collect sets. However, whenever someone plays a burrito card, he will trigger a plush throwing session. Using the supplied oversized and overly cute burritos, players will need to engage in various confrontational scenarios, ranging from two player showdowns to all-out wars. As far as we understand the rules, getting hit by a burrito is bad for scoring, but smacking someone else is mighty satisfying. The cards feature various silly chimera-type creatures accompanied by silly titles and text which have little to no bearing on gameplay.

Throw Throw Burrito card samples

The Exploding Kittens Team went out of their way and designed several editions of the game, which represent the various pledge levels available. The Kickstarter Edition features exclusive card art, while the EXTREME SPORTS edition comes with waterproof cards, as well as six sets of protective goggles and sweatbands.

As of writing this, the Kickstarter campaign has almost reached one million dollars in funding and is still weeks away from wrapping up. The hype is tangible.

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