X-Wing 2nd Ed. – Sith ship joins Separatist Navy

X-wing Sith Inflitrator box

Coming up as part of the third wave of ships for X-Wing 2nd Edition, This expansion includes one Sith Infiltrator miniature, five ship cards, including Darth Maul, and twenty upgrade cards.

The Sith Infiltrator’s base is about four times as big as a TIE-Fighter’s. The Sith Infiltrator can also become the Scimitar, and gain the ability to cloak and to put a jam token on an enemy ship upon decloaking.

x wing sith infiltrator dial

X-Wing Second Edition consititutes an important update over the original game system. Ships have a more detailed firing arc, the turn structure has been re-worked, and, among re-balancing, ships, pilots and upgrades are now selected using an official FFG app, which makes building a fleet much quicker, and also removes the printed point cost off of the cards themselves.

Do you remember the Sith Infiltrator? Yeah, me neither, but through some intensive typing on Wookiepedia, I discovered it to be the ship that Darth Maul was piloting in The Phantom Menace, a film I’m trying hard to wipe from my memory, but not harder than with The Force Awakens. Lastly, I haven’t watched The Last Jedi for the reason of avoiding another crisis.

May the force be with you.

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