A playable High-Octane d6 RPG?

There’s a little tabletop RPG that just hatched on Kickstarter. It’s called Justice Velocity, the brainchild of one Clipper Arnold and Polyhedra Games. I can’t say I’ve heard of these guys or their work, but what spurred my attention was this game’s promise – High octane action at break-neck speeds!

Admittedly, one of the few RPG systems in which I dared to enact a chase was World of Darkness. However, the clunky rules were a chore to follow and that had made me want to avoid attempting similar action segments on a constant basis ever since. But if an entire game system is designed around that specific element, then it must be something worth checking out, right?

justice velocity kickstarter chart

Justice Velocity uses generic d6 dice and is said to feature “dynamic vehicle rules.” Depending on the situation, whether it be a vehicle race, a speed chase, or even an eighties cyberpunk-style hacking run, the modular rules system can adapt to reflect the current adventure state in the best way.

The character system in Justice Velocity also borrows a lot from the classic tropes found in Anime or Hollywood movies of the sort – think Rush Hour or The Fast and the Furious.

Besides the main vehicle rules, the game also features tables for random events, as well as a couple of modern RPG mechanics. For instance, a character can spend “Juice points” to power-up their specific abilities, but they can also expend their “Octane chip” when in dire straights.

Justice Velocity has been in beta testing for over two years. While Polyhedra games still need some time to finalize the layout of the book, the artwork and graphics are said to be complete.

justice velocity kickstarter art

The pledge levels include the book in soft and hardcover, as well as digital download of the material.


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