Queen Games’ lovely Tetris/Rummy combo, Copenhagen gathering funds like crazy!

If you’ve ever been drawn into games like Ubongo or Patchwork but wanted more Tetris-like goodness, then you better pay attention. Queen Games‘ Kickstarter project – Copenhagen has accumulated over 250% of its target funding requirement in less than 24 hours!

Copenhagen has been previewed by several video review outlets in recent weeks, but in case you don’t yet know what the game entails, let me give you a quick rundown. In Copenhagen, up to four players compete in decorating facades. On your turn, you can draw two colored cards, or spend multiple cards of the same color on purchasing and placing one of the available Tetris-like pieces on your facade board. The gameplay is very reminiscent of Ticket to Ride, but unlike it, in Copenhagen, you can acquire special powers throughout the game by covering up icons on your board or completing certain lines.

copenhagen kickstarter components

Copenhagen – component preview

The component list highlights the tiles, as they feature a distinct thickness of 3mm. That’s 50% thicker than the average production standards. The Deluxe edition of Copenhagen, also available through this campaign, will replace the cardboard tiles with sturdy acrylic. You might prefer one of the other, but I worry about the visual fidelity of the acrylic version. The regular tiles feature graphical details that are cohesive with the rest of the components. I’m not sure how these will translate into acrylic pieces.

However, Queen Games have a lot of experience in publishing through Kickstarter (47 campaigns), as they were one of the first companies that ventured using this method. By pledging to support Copenhagen, you can also add in $50 or more to even get up to three of their recent titles, Franchise, Bastille, and Skylands.

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