White boys shouldn’t win at board games

You would think that searching the net for the term “board game” would return interesting articles about this hobby getting into the mundane news, and most of the time it’s true. However, once in a while it pops out a wonderful example of discriminatory tolerance, that is another way of saying “kill whitey.”

This time, we have a ‘respectable’ writer for the “AV Club,” which is a subsidiary of The Onion writing with unbridled passion about an irrelevant subject. I have never heard of AV, but I understand why, as even Wikipedia states that they’ve been small fries since 1993.

That’s probably why Mr. William Hughes writes using such an ‘inclusive’ vocabulary:

hate-filled article

What you see above is the entirety of Mr. William Hughes’ article. It is based on a compilation of clips from old board game commercials from an equally odious angle.

You might want to ask yourself what is the point of it. Do these liberal sympathizers feel the need to pull at straws now? Or is this a covert declaration of war on all fronts?

If mister Hughes is so concerned about representation in visual media, then he should probably have mentioned the trend we see today in almost every TV commercial: Weak, goofy, or in some way repulsive white male getting owned by some chiseled, smart, attentive ‘minority’ representative. Have another looksie:

Why does he feel the need to pick at children featured in TV commercials from the last century? I mean the nineties aren’t “the current year” anymore. But I guess retroactive social justice is a thing with these idiots. That’s why they think it’s alright, and even justified, to pull down statues of war generals.

Remember, the children represent the future of a Nation. The article in question is an overt expression of hatred towards white children. How could such a text have passed the editor at AV? Why is this tolerated?

The article in question.

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