AMIGO Festival 2019 to take place in Cologne

The city of Cologne, or rather Köln, will be hosting this year’s AMIGO Festival. The event will take place during the 14th and 15th of September 2019, at Tanzbrunnen Theater.

On Saturday visitors will be able to participate in the German Wizard Tournament, which is the only organized play event of the day.

On Sunday, however, the schedule features tournaments for Saboteur, 6 takes!Bohnanza, ICECOOL, and SET. If you are interested in participating, you can check this page here, to get more details regarding the individual tournaments. Qualifications will take place in August.

The event is not limited to organized play, however.  On Sunday, the AMIGO Festival will also have open game tables and will offer rules explanations, as well as present a surprise guest!

The 2019 AMIGO Festival is on its third edition. The event is said to have attracted around 700 visitors last year. This year’s choice of location is supposed to facilitate travel and is also scheduled to fit between summer and winter holidays. If you find yourself in the Cologne area around September, then you might want to visit them. Just be on your guard against ‘refugees,’ and make sure you brush up on your German language skills.  We doubt that the Spielend für Toleranz NPC’s will make an appearance there.


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