John Carter of Mars: New line of books, minis and RPG materials

Modiphius Entertainment announced this week several new products in the line of John Carter of Mars tabletop RPG.

The centerpiece product is the new John Carter of Mars Core Rulebook. The pulp-action game inspired by Edgar Ryce Burroughs’ novels is using a variant 2d20 system. Players have numerous options for character creation, that range from beastmasters, to airship officers, or Earthborn. Alternatively, players can also opt to play as iconic characters, such as Tars Tarkas, Princess Dejah Toris, and even as John Carter himself.

The core book contains chapters on the people, technology, and creatures found on Barsoom, an introductory adventure, and descriptions of the three main eras in the John Carter mythos. The book also comes with a useful narrator’s screen.

The Phantoms of Mars book is a 128-page adventure that pits the players against the evil Eidolon organization. The book includes a guide on how to integrate The Phantom of Mars into existing campaigns.

The Narrator’s Toolkit contains an enhanced edition of the Narrator’s Screen, and a 36-page guide for creating and running campaigns, as well as rules for travel and large scale combat scenarios.

The Prince of Helium Notebook is a stylish sheet organizer, equipped with a top of grided paper sheets, which also include spaces for character information.

However, fans should also be on the lookout for these new alternative miniatures:

john carter of mars minis

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