Quest: The roleplaying adventure game for everyone is live on Kickstarter and doing good


A newly launched roleplaying game has just been making the rounds on Kickstarter. “Quest: The roleplaying adventure game for everyone” has reached full funding of $65.000 in only two days. The leading designer, promises to offer light rules and emergent gameplay, without too much clutter or endless die rolls. Resolving actions never takes more than rolling a single twenty-sided die and applying bonuses. Also, characters have fixed stats to avoid the problems of power creep.

The Quest player handbook is said to present the rules in the form of a dialogue between two characters. I doubt the players will reach a higher understanding than from reading the Bhagavad Gita, but that suggests that the core ruleset is highly simplified. At the same time, the Kickstarter package includes a stack of 300 reference cards that cover everything from abilities, weapons, and magic powers, eliminating the need for a player sheet.

T.C. Sottek says that roleplaying games have often suffered from their war game heritage. Indeed, complex rulesets,  stat sheets, and multiple phase action resolutions have always been demanding requirements for play, which act as a deterrent for many. It’s not that Quest is the first RPG to try and break these antiquated patterns, but the enthusiasm exuded from their campaign page is very catching.

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