Settlers of the Suburbs: White Guilt Edition

So truTV came with this ugly anti-white piece late last year. I had only found out about it a few weeks ago when it propped up on some progressive Facebook group. I am only following it because it deals with board games, honestly.

In their clip, this Adam character persuades Ron, a straight White male with a derpy demeanor (like we never see that enough), into thinking that his neighborhood is “insufferably white.” You would think Ron would have asked why is being White so insufferable. However, it seems that the video in question begins sometime after that, as Ron is already convinced by Adam’s arguments, which we, the public, never hear.

Next, Adam sets up “Settlers of the Suburbs” to explain the reason for why such a white neighborhood exists. SotS is a fictional two-player board game that looks much like Monopoly. We soon learn that the objective of the game is to make Ron experience the oppression of not being able to get a home loan, or even to “pay rent;” although the latter would probably be a very bad idea.

The reason for this equality problem is the game rule that makes Ron’s side of the board affected by FD Roosevelt’s “redlining” policy. We might have our criticisms of Teddy for how he handled Germany, but why would we have a problem with him for having prioritized funds for the people who created America and, who are to this day, the most productive members of society? Oh, but in the culture of White Guilt, whitey is not entitled to anything, or so it seems.

Then Adam proceeds to narrate the following truism: Because all Whites played at investing in real estate, their neighborhoods attracted economic growth. The poor, redlined minorities couldn’t do that, as they were missing the Government gibz. What Adam doesn’t understand however is that board game mechanics rarely if ever accurately reflect reality. The buying and selling of property may be a thing for some individuals, but it’s not exactly a common business practice for White families. As for some minorities’ inability to lift themselves from the gutter, maybe Adam would have had a more nuanced opinion if he had read up on more than charlatans like Franz Boaz & Co. These types made a concerted effort to bury one of the most important branches of Genetic Science. Or maybe Adam is on somebody’s payroll, who knows.

There’s a different reason for why the majority of Blacks can’t reach the level of personal prosperity that Whites and Asians enjoy.


Maybe that’s why Blacks in America are three times more likely to go on food stamps…


…and why they top the incarceration rates.

If Adam wasn’t enough to convince us, Ron gets a visit from Nikole, an upstanding empowered Black woman who writes for the New York Times. Hmm, isn’t a Black woman working for NYT proof of equal opportunity? Even if she represents a counter-example, Ron doesn’t notice it. Nikole proceeds to tutor him about school segregation, suggesting that letting colored minorities into White communities would, somehow, raise the minorities’ standard of living. Well, many know from personal experience that the opposite occurs most of the time. Putting a low performance student into a “good school” won’t improve his results, and putting several dumb students into a neighborhood certainly won’t increase the desirability of the place.

Finally, Rob is shocked to hear that banks discriminate between races on loan rates. What a shocker indeed! You would think they’ve thrown statistics out the window by now and started giving slobs money to pay their rent and such.

I was wondering why the scriptwriter decided to use a board game to convey this rotten propaganda. But then I figured he must know that the White demographic is the most likely to be attracted to a tabletop game. Just look around in your friendly local game store.  Are you a racist for not having enough Blacks casting blue spells, trading resources, or terraforming the surface of Mars? However we all know why that is.

I’m not trying to bring down all Blacks, at least not the literate ones, but we also can’t ignore reality indefinitely. If you’re a Black American and reading this, maybe you should start thinking on how to solve the problems of Black communities without resorting to fruitless Government handouts, and invading the living space of another ethnic group. Just saying.

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